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Learn to keep those pounds off, live healthier, have more energetic and a cleaner life.

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If you think it’s time to take control of your weight and reach your goals, this is the program to get you started; in the Weight Loss Purification Workshop you’ll get all the tools to help you get the results you want while also having your very own support system to help you stay on track.

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Included With The Workshop

Complete Health History Review

Six Weeks Of Education Nutrition Lessons

Recordings Of The Sessions

Complete E-Workbook & Weekly Education Materials

Easy To Follow Recipe E-Booklet

Facebook Community

Personal E-Mail Support

Goal Setting Strategies And Review

Access To My Weekly LIVE Office Hours

Get In The Best Health Of Your Life

Weekly Workshop Agenda

Week 1 – Phase 1 – Setting the Stage

It is a three step process which is meant to be an easy and effective method to prepare your body for the spring.  It will help optimize your digestion and strengthen your immune system.

Step 1 – Work on Your Specific Health Goals and your Why

Step 2 – The anti-inflammatory eating plan, a new way of living.  Nutrition is something to live by not diet by.  The focus is to learn how to eat as close to the way that Mother Nature made our food as possible.

Step 3 – Learn anti stress breathing techniques, mediation and gratitude journal. This system makes it simple and complete and most people lose weight in the process.

Week 2 –Getting Rid Of The Old and Bringing In The New

The Kitchen Transition and Cooking Basics

In this dynamic class we will review questions from last week’s lesson as well as talk about your wins or challenges from the week. Learn which foods help your body get rid of toxins and reduce inflammation.

This class will help you get started making the kitchen transition by getting rid of six ingredients that compromise your health. You’ll also learn why these foods should be eliminated from your diet and what foods to replace them with.   Do you ever leave the house without breakfast?  Learn how you can start your day energized with breakfast foods in a flash!  Get ready to learn how to make lots of yummy smoothies such as pina colada.  For breakfast?  You bet!

Week 3 – Fats, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

No nutrition class could be complete unless you truly understand and learn which fats are making us fat and destroying our health and which ones give us life and make us fat burning machines.

Week 4 – Phase 2 – Replenish

The detox replenish phase where we start to add in fermented foods which provide good bacteria and enzymes that nourish your body at the cellular level.  At the same time you will learn all about the good fats vs the bad, organics vs conventional and much more.  All in a very interactive and supportive environment.  You are safe here.

Organics 101, What is GMO really? –      You want to improve your health, feel more alive and energetic and live life to it’s fullest.  Well, you are what you eat and that is the truth.  Why should we eat organic fruits, vegetables and meats?  Learn about the dirty dozen.  Also, learn what Genetically modified foods really are and how to avoid them.

Week 5 – Discover Label Reading

In this interactive class, learn how to be a detective and find all the missing ingredients on labels.  Find out if the food is laden with MSG, a neurotoxin, or if it’s genetically modified, a frankenfood, does the product contain plastic, chlorine or all the other wonderful things that man puts in our food.  You will never shop the same again.

Week 6 – Phase 3 – How To Live The Rest Of Your Life

How to keep the weight off for good and how to healing the body on a cellular level.

What’s next? Healing on a Cellular level. –   Anti Aging is on the top of most people’s minds, especially the baby boomers.  As we age our bodies heal slower and we begin to show signs of aging.  What if I told you that there is a way to slow down the aging process?

Experts are looking at health and wellness on a whole new level, the cellular level. They understand we live and die at the cellular level.   We experience Oxidative stress on a daily basis which cause degenerative health conditions which 95 percent of all adult conditions are degenerative.

There is a solution to replenish crucial messengers in our cells to help protect, rejuvenate and repair our cells to keep them functioning at optimal levels in the body.
Learn how to heal your body at the cellular level and live the rest of your life as healthy as possible.

What Others' Say About this Program

I just wanted to say thank you!!!!  Since taking your class, I have continued to adhere to your Nutritional Principles/Philosophy. So far, losing around 40 pounds!!!  I am looking forward to working your program in 2017!!!  Please continue teaching your sound and very successful ….. nutritional philosophy.   It works…. if you do it.  All the best to you.  Again, a sincere thank you.  Wayne

I am the proud person of a 32 inch waist. Since last February, I have lost  five (5) inches in my waist.  Thanks to your excellent  knowledge and my willingness to follow your brilliant instruction, I owe it all to you. Your a Great Person!  Sammy (Samantha)

Save 50% Today!

Learn to keep those pounds off, live healthier, have more energetic and a cleaner life.

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