10 Hacks For Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

It’s only 9 days until Christmas and we are waist deep into the holiday spirit and hopefully you don’t think I mean spirits like the alcoholic kind.  🙂

Do you struggle to maintain your weight from the time you saw the Turkey’s leg sticking out of the oven on Thanksgiving to the time you say goodbye to the old year with a toast.  Well, you are certainly not alone my dear friend as the average American gains five to 10 pounds this time of the year and that doesn’t have to be you.

Let’s enjoy this holiday season and celebrate without the worry with some smart hacks to stay healthy, vibrant and free.

  1. Have a holiday motto, “Maintain and don’t gain.” 

Simply be realistic when it comes to the holidays as it is a time for festivities and celebrations with family and friends.  It is not a time to lose weight and put so much pressure on yourself that you may feel deprived and then perhaps go out on the deep end.  Have a little fun and lighten up.

  1. Drink up Baby. 

No silly, we are talking about water here, not the bubbly stuff.  Most often when we are feeling hunger pangs, it is mistaken for thirst.  Do your body the biggest favor and drink 8 oz of water the next time you feel hungry, wait 10 minutes and check-in again to see if it was truly hunger or simply thirst.

  1. Overhaul the alcohol.

Get a fancy glass, pour some seltzer water in it with a few fresh or frozen cranberries, strawberries or slices of orange and make up your own fizzy, pretty drink.  See, no alcohol needed to look good and feel good as the fizzies tickle your nose. Also alcohol lowers your inhibitions and you’ll end up eating high fat and high sugar foods.  

  1. Put your fork down.

Take the time to chat with folks around you and you can’t chew and chat at the same time so put your fork down.  Or simply take a bit, set the fork down in between and get to know the people around you in a new and different way.

  1. Eat the rainbow.

Search for foods the color of the rainbow and you’ll likely see lots of veggies.  Eat them up as they are full of nutrition and will also fill you up which may keep you away from junk food. 

  1. Don’t prey on the buffet.

It’s overwhelming all the food that is on the buffet and the smells are driving you crazy.  Tame your wild side which wants to eat everything in sight. First walk around the entire table and scope out all the healthy foods first then come up with a plan of what you will fill your one plate with.  Make sure it’s mostly vegetables and some protein.

  1. Bring a dish to share.

This dish should also be something that you can make a meal out of just in case there is nothing else there that you want to eat.

  1. Make a healthy dessert and share.

Especially if it’s chocolate, you just have to share.  There are so many recipes for healthy desserts so give one a try and bring it with you.  Otherwise you may feel deprived and go for the sugar laden treats. Simply google search paleo desserts and you are bound to find some yummies.

  1. Keep active.

You don’t have to go to the gym to stay active, you have all the equipment you need, your body.  Run up and down steps, go for a walk, do some pushups as you play with the dogs or children, play outside with the kids.  There are so many things you can do to keep your body in movement. Just remember to wear your sneakers when you go shopping or even to work so you can park far away.

  1. Get ready, get set, Happy, Healthy, Vibrant and Free 2020!

When you begin to give health conscious gifts, people will start to return in kind over the years.  You lead by example by gifting things from your healthy heart such as a fitness tracker, gym bags, herbal teas in a beautiful mug, gift certificates for a local tea shop and more.  

Be healthy, vibrant and free starting now.


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