4 Holiday Food Traps To Avoid

Dear Friend,

The holiday festivities are everywhere and so are all of the temptations. Traditions every night of the week and your old fears come to haunt you, that your favorite foods are going to be calling your name. 

Remember the holidays are about celebration with family and friends and NOT about stuffing your face. Also, remember that those old holiday favorites also made you feel fat and downright awful.

Your goal this month is to maintain your weight and not gain so don’t fear, here is a plan to avoid those traps that lie ahead.

4 holiday food traps to avoid (and still enjoy the festivities)

Here’s what you want to AVOID:

1. Avoid FAT FREE and Low-Fat Foods.

The fat free craze is over my friends.  The truth is out that fat free just makes you more fat! The obesity rate has almost doubled since 1980! America has become more obese eating fat-free!  Basically the manufacturers take the fat out and put the sugar and chemicals in to make it taste good. This in turn makes you more sick and fat.

Healthy fats are incredibly good for you and is necessary for us to survive and to thrive.  In fact, it actually helps you with weight loss!

Stay away from all of those fat-free dishes which make you fat and sick.  You are so much better off eating the real thing and keeping your portions super small.

2. AVOID Sugar Free Foods

Sugar free most often means that it is laden with artificial sugars that destroy your health and especially your brain. They also make you crave more sweet foods and in turn make you sick and fat.

These artificial sweeteners like sucralose, acesulfame potassium (also known as ACE K), aspartame and more have absolutely NO nutritional value.

Bring your own desserts to the party and use healthy sweeteners such as coconut nectar, maple syrup, or honey.  Remember to eat only small portions as it is still sugar.

3. AVOID The Liquid Calories

Whether it’s soda, eggnog, sweetened iced tea or alcohol, it’s all calories and they can really add up.

It’s fun to be sociable (even if distanced) and have a glass of something to drink so bring your own .  Try some kombucha (fermented tea) and mix it with seltzer water, drink flavored seltzer waters, mix cranberries or other fruits in with your seltzer water and watch the crowd get super jealous and wonder what you are drinking.

If you have to do the alcohol then choose clear alcohol such as vodka or better yet, a 4oz glass of red wine.

4. AVOID The Stealthy Healthy Destruction

My mom has a way of ruining sweet potatoes as she drenches them in brown sugar and butter.  These beautiful and amazing bulbs of health get turned into bombs of sugary destruction. These processed sugars turn right into fat and make you feel awful.

Look to prepare your healthy foods in a healthy manner and perhaps try them roasted with some rosemary, sea salt, pepper and olive oil.  They will blow you away at how delicious they are prepared this way.Sweet potatoes are called sweet potatoes for a reason. They are already naturally sweet.

So, you see there is no need to not eat your holiday food favorites.  Make yourself a plate with samples of your favorites and remember to be grateful for the food, chew slowly and enjoy each bite.

Now confidently go forth and enjoy your holiday and be Healthy, Vibrant and Free.

Sending You Tons of Love and Humongous Hugs,

Tina “Healthy For The Holidays”  McDermott

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