Recharge with the Sweet Scent of Rose

by Nicole Gulotta for Thrive Market With winter, it’s a great time to plan some relaxing, self-care rituals to show your body some love. How about taking some inspiration from the iconic rose? This bloom has been adored for its decorative purposes for centuries (back in 1582, Persian Emperor Djihanguyr filled fountains with rose petals for his wedding)—but it can do a lot more than spruce up your dining table. Rose essential oil has the potential to encourage relaxation and even be an aphrodisiac (it’s the month of romance, after all!). An easy way to reap the rewards of the delicate aroma of roses is with Dr. Bronner’s Rose Pure-Castile Liquid Soap—whether you add a couple drops to your bathwater or use it to whip up a batch of floral-scented DIY jelly soaps. Here are just a few ideas for your bath and beauty routine.

Relaxing Bath

There’s nothing like a hot bath to ease muscle tension and help you relax after a long day. Just pour two tablespoons of Dr. Bronner’s Rose Pure-Castile Liquid Soap into the tub before your soak. For a romantic touch, you can even sprinkle rose petals over the water. To help your skin eliminate toxins and absorb minerals, dissolve epsom salt into the tub, too.

Jelly Soaps

If you love the scent of roses, here’s a way to enjoy it every time you wash your hands. DIY jelly soapsmake a beautiful addition to your bathroom—just omit the essential oils (or add a few drops of rose oil to boost the fragrance even more), and use ½ cup Dr. Bronner’s Rose Pure-Castile Liquid Soap instead of an unscented formula.

Body Wash

Breathe in the floral scent in your steamy shower by using Dr. Bronner’s Rose Pure-Castile Liquid Soap as a body wash. Simply squirt it on a washcloth before applying from head to toe.

Foot Soak

If you’ve spent a long day on your feet and need a quick way to recharge, partially fill a tub with hot water, and pour in two to three teaspoons of Dr. Bronner’s Rose Pure-Castile Liquid Soap. After a ten-minute soak, your feet may feel less achy. As the label promises, there are at least 18 ways to use Bronner’s pure-castile soap around the house. What are some of your favorites?

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