Hello, friends- I don’t know about you, but when I read these incredible stories, I feel so humbled that we have been given the chance to literally save people’s lives with these products!! And not just those suffering from the physical malady- how about Hank’s wife and family and friends?! Can you imagine?? Enjoy- Tina UNCONTROLLED DIVISION OF ABNORMAL CELLS – gone About 15 months ago (April ’16) they discovered a lump on my left kidney and they had to remove my left kidney. They also removed 16 lymph nodes and eight of those had mutating cells. I was referred to an oncologist at a specialist centre. I was told that I needed a PET scan in a few months, although it seemed that everything was gone. He said there were a lot of microscopic organisms and they wanted to check to make sure that nothing came back.  In March ’17, I had a PET scan and the condition had come back and gone to my neck area. At the base of my neck I had a huge lymph node that was swollen to about the size of an egg. I was told that they couldn’t do chemotherapy as it could shut down my renal system; nor could I have radiation or surgery. I was told I was stuck between a rock and a hard spot. I was advised that there was a new therapy –  immunotherapy –  however at that point it hadn’t been approved by the FDA. So, if I did want to do it, insurance wasn’t going to cover it and it would’ve cost me about $17,000 dollars per session, which I couldn’t afford.  I sought a second opinion with another oncologist who said the same thing.  At this time immunotherapy had just been approved by the FDA and it would’ve been covered by insurance. The oncologist wanted to get a baseline – another PET scan to see where I was. In the meantime, my wife suggested I speak to another doctor for a different point of view. This doctor told me about the redox molecules and said “You know it can’t do any harm. I’ve seen a lot of good results with this, and it can’t do any harm. Why don’t you start taking it?” Initially I was advised to take 1- 2oz/30-60ml twice a day and increase the amount over time. At this time, I’m taking 6oz/180ml twice a day. This was the first week of April ’17. My wife and I didn’t tell anyone, as I didn’t want people thinking I was nuts taking this water. I drank the redox supplement from April until June 1 when I had the PET scan. They compared this PET scan to the previous PET scan. My new oncologist walked into the room and wanted my wife and I seated as he said he had stuff to tell us. He said that in his 33 years of being an oncologist he had not seen anything with this type of condition before. He said my body was completely free of the condition and I have none left in my body.  We were shocked. I told him that I was drinking the redox molecules and asked him what would he have said if I told him I was doing that before all of this happened? He replied “I probably would’ve laughed you out of my office. I want to know everything that I can and will research this water”. So, I gave him all of the information. At this point I’m free (of the condition) and they are going to do another PET scan in September. I’ll have to do this every three months for several years. Hank P The patents on this technology were offered to Barr pharmaceuticals who offered nearly a billion to shelve it…why would they want to eliminate something 100% non toxic that’s biologically identical to our cellular structure????  This stand alone breakthrough is now recognized within the top five major natural medical breakthroughs this century will witness. P.S.  If you would like to know more about these wonderful Redox Signalling Molecules, please contact me at tina@tinamcdermott.com and I am more than happy to help.