How to Beat Your Sugar Cravings

Sugar can be like the devil, constantly tempting us to eat it and keep us sick. Why does it make us sick?  Because sugar feeds disease, literally it feeds the bad bugs in our bodies which just have a ball and then these bugs make you crave more sugar.

It’s time to beat the devil and get rid of these cravings once and for all!

Here are some of my best strategies:

  1. Don’t bring it into the house.  If you want sugar, then you are forced to get in the car and go to the store to get it.
  2. Brush your teeth when you feel a sugar craving coming on.  Peppermint toothpaste helps and is much better than sucking on a mint which can make you more hungry.
  3. Drink herbal tea with mint and ginger.  You can have it iced or hot.
  4. Focus your mind on something else.  Idle minds are dangerous minds. Go read an interesting book or meditate.
  5. Go for a walk especially after a meal.  The Italians go strolling after dinner every night.
  6. Get eight hours of sleep every night.  Sleep naturally boosts serotonin levels and makes you feel good.
  7. Take a warm relaxing bath with epsom salt.  Add some essential oils to calm you such as lavender.
  8. Find a buddy to help keep you accountable.