Happy Sunday!

I woke up dreaming of eating brussel sprouts.  Don’t ask me why.  Ok, you can ask.  I picked up my grocery bag from Bear’s Honey Pot which was chock full of delicious organic veggies and meats yesterday and it had a big bag of brussel sprouts and turkey bacon.  I love Bear’s because I can feed my family (husband and three dogs) clean farm grown and raised foods for under $100 a week! Also, I’m guess I was hungry and the other thing is that it’s likely that my body was deficient in some of the vitamins and minerals that are in these delicious little veggies, so I had to look up the benefits for you.
  • Detox and support your body
  • Antioxidant support
  • Anti-inflammatory support
  • Cardiovascular support, helps lower cholesterol due to the fiber content.
  • Digestive Support, fiber helps the world (in your belly) go round
  • Protect your DNA
  • Protect you from cancer due to their glucosinolate content
So now I know the other reason why I was dreaming of these delicious little morsels, because I’ve been a bad girl this weekend eating rice which made my body inflamed (knee and leg hurt and I’m exhausted) and my body needed a dose of healthy! So guess what’s for dinner tonight?  You got it, roasted brussel sprouts and bacon!  Yum!  Tune in tomorrow for the recipe.  
P.s.  This is a generalized, easy to read, list of health benefits of Brussel Sprouts, if you’d like more detailed info, check out this article http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=10