Keynote Speaker on Wellness & Weight Loss

Tina McDermott has been offering workplace sponsored wellness programs to employers in the community since 2004.  The mission of her corporate programs is to promote a sense of well being among your employees, improving their state of health for better productivity in their personal and professional lives.

Tina McDermott Offers Your Corporation the Opportunity to:

  • Actively support the well-being of your employees for increased productivity, morale and a healthier workforce.
  • Be responsive to those employees interested in weight loss and improved health, by providing them access to trained and certified professionals.

Tina McDermott Specializes in the following customizable services:

  • Key-Note Speaker
  • Eight-week nutrition focused courses
  • Group exercise programs
  • Personal weight loss programs and coaching
  • Brown Bag It Lectures Series
  • Health Fair Smoothie Demo’s
  • Cooking Classes

Our unique ability to personalize wellness programs to meet your employee’s needs and our successful track record in working with corporations just like you makes us an ideal partner.

8-Week Nutrition Courses

The two part course (that can be taken in sequence or not) is designed to empower lifestyle changes. Topics include low glycemic index diets, exercise, stress reduction/relaxation exercises, menu planning, wellness goal setting and much more.

Nutrition 101

An Eight-week basic introduction to proper nutrition class, designed to educate participants on how to incorporate clean eating habits and help bring their bodies into balance one step at a time. Weekly lessons include wellness goal setting, cooking classes, reading labels, supermarket 101, high-energy lunch preparation, restaurant IQ, and much more.

Included in this program:

  • Health History review
  • Goal setting strategies and review
  • Binder including weekly journal and educational materials
  • Weekly Educational Materials to add to the binder
  • Weekly one hour education class which includes support and coaching
  • Phone and email support.

Nutrition 102

An Eight-week more in-depth wellness training course. Lessons include wellness goal setting, implementing a low glycemic diet, cooking class, recognizing the “good” carbs and fats, health food store tour, exercise for results, stress reduction and much more.

Since this program is designed to create change and bring about wellness, a 7 day purification/detox program is incorporated to jump start weight loss.

Included in this program:

  • Health History review
  • Goal setting strategies and review
  • Binder including weekly journal and educational materials
  • Weekly Educational Materials to add to the binder
  • Weekly one-hour education class which includes support and coaching
  • Phone and email support

Brown Bag Lectures

These lifestyle oriented lectures are designed to empower change. The power point presentations are one hour and include handouts and time for questions and answers.

These lectures may be offered monthly as a series.

Topics to Choose From Include:

  • Weight Loss and Detox Workshop (most requested lecture)

In this dynamic hour and a half workshop you will discover a whole new way of eating and living.  You will learn how the body systems work, your digestive system, your circulatory system, your lymphatic system and how they all tie in to either hinder or help you towards optimal health.  Learn about different nutritional programs and figure out which one is the best for you.  Most importantly learn how to use your fat for energy and lose up to a pound a day without loose skin!

  • Nutrition for Life Nutrition is something to live by not diet by. The focus is to learn how to eat as close to the way that Mother Nature made our food as possible.  Subjects covered are good fats and bad fats, carbohydrates, hydration, sweeteners, why buy organic, what is GMO and how to find MSG hidden in our foods.
  • How to Lose Those Extra Pounds Fast and Healthy Learn many tips to help you lose the weight in a healthy way and stick to your goals.
  • The Kitchen Transition This class will teach you about 6 common ingredients found in our kitchens that are compromising our health.  You’ll also learn why these foods should be eliminated from your kitchen and what foods to replace them with.
  • Recipe and Cooking Class In this fun interactive class, learn how cooking at home can be simple, tasty and healthy all at the same time.  Make it a snap to feed your family even on a budget.
  • The Emotions of Eating Learn how to make peace with food and discover how you can make food your friend.  This class will help you to become an intuitive eater while providing a new way of struggle-free eating.  This process will help release the shackles of dieting which only means deprivation, rebellion and rebound weight gain.  It helps you get back to your roots and to trust your own intuition.
  • Supplements for Success Are you confused about what supplements you should be taking?  This class will review the basic supplements that everyone needs and educate you on why you need them.  It will also cover additional supplements that you may want to incorporate for weight loss.
  • Preventing or Reversing Diabetes in Six Simple Steps What is diabetes?  Am I prone to getting diabetes?  This class will help you learn the answers to these questions as well as teach you the guidelines that everyone, diabetic and non-diabetic alike should live by to achieve a healthy life.    More than one in four Americans has either pre-diabetes or the full-blown diabetes! Not only is type 2 diabetes completely preventable, it is usually curable if you are willing to make some simple, inexpensive lifestyle adjustments that will restore your life.
  • The Restaurant Survival Guide Review all the simple things you need to know about eating out from choosing your restaurant to choosing the foods on the menu.  Make eating out fun again as well as healthy.
  • How to Prevent or Reverse Diseases Do you have a personal or family history of certain diseases such as high cholesterol, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, arthritis or even obesity? Learn simple ways to prevent or reverse these through using food and exercise as your medicine.
  • Stress and Weight Gain Why can’t I lose weight? Am I exhausted, overworked and undernourished?  Why do we find ourselves overeating when we’re under stress?  There are specific reasons for this, such as high cortisol levels which can make you gain weight like crazy, and there are many ways you can overcome them.  Learn how to distress your life with some simple steps and watch the weight melt off of you.
  • Fitness for Busy Professionals All of us want to be more fit. We want to feel better and look better, and we know that exercise is part of the solution.  The problem for many of us, however, is fitting it in!  Attend this motivating seminar to learn what exercise has to offer and realistic techniques for making it work into your life, on your terms, even at your own desk.
  • What’s in a Label Did you know that 20% of ingredients can be in a product but not on a label? The FDA simply can’t regulate all companies and their ingredients.  Learn how to actually read a label and find all the hidden ingredients that affect our health such as hydrogenated fats (similar to plastic), MSG (a neurotoxin), artificial sweeteners (more neurotoxins, food colors and more.  This is a very interactive class so bring your sense of humor as well as a magnifying glass as we examine many product labels on the market today.
  • Organics/MSG and GMO..What are they, where do I find them? Why should I eat organic foods? What is the mystery of Genetically Modified Foods?  Why should I avoid MSG (monosodium glutamate) and how do I find it hidden in foods?  Answers to all of these questions and more in this interactive lecture that can even be brought to a health food store coupled with a tour of the store.
  •  Sweet Misery Are you truly interested in learning how to have more energy and lose weight? Then this is the lecture for you.  The average American consumes an astounding 2-3 pounds of sugar each week which is the biggest contributor to the obesity epidemic in America.  Did you know that aspartame, an artificial sweetener is a chemical and as soon as it is swallowed becomes methanol which is a real poison and the effects can be deadly.
  • The Skinny on Fats Eat this, not that! This fat is good for you, this fat is not!  Learn what the real truth is about fats, the Good, the Bad and the real Ugly!  Demystify this fabulous food, start to refuel your body with the right fats, and return your body back to health by eating the right kind of fats.

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