February is Heart Healthy Month

So wear something red all month.   Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States?

Go Red for Women is the American Heart Associations campaign to bring awareness to women that heart disease kills more women than all cancers combined.  You can do something about it! Take care of your heart. How you ask? Keep reading…

Did you know that your heart is a muscle?  Keeping it in shape through exercise and proper nutrition is the most important thing you can do for your health.  Losing as few as 10 pounds can decrease your heart disease risk per the American Hearth Association.

Extra weight can do serious damage to your heart. Too much fat, especially around the belly, increases your risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. So give your heart a break by dropping the extra pounds — and keeping them off. Every little bit helps.

You can shed 24 pounds a year by dropping just 2 pounds a month, and losing as few as 10 pounds decreases your heart disease risk. The trick is to increase your aerobic physical activity each week while reducing the calories you take in, to a point where you can achieve energy balance and a healthy weight.

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