Move Your mASS
Are you Tired all the time?? I get it for sure as I went through years of feeling no energy and for an athlete like myself to not have energy is misery! I have great news!!! There is a way to fix it. Are you ready to get energized?! The irony of what I’m about to talk to you about is that it takes energy to create energy so you have to Move you mASS. Yes, I said it….move your body because your life depends on it! Think of your body as a body of water. If you were a pond with no moving water what do you see on top? Lots of scum and bad bacteria with nothing good living in it, right? You get the picture. Well, that is a body NOT in motion. Your lymphatic system drains all of the toxins from your body and the only pump that it has are your muscles. If you don’t move your muscles you don’t move your lymphatic system which means a stagnant stinky pond of a body! Yuk! Now, we are going to add a fountain to that puddle which will bring in oxygen to the pond and good bacteria will populate the water creating a place of wellness. The fountain is synonymous with walking. Walking 20 to 30 minutes per day will help your lymphatic system move the toxins out of your body. I bet you’ll have better bowel movements after starting a simple walking program. Who doesn’t want that!? Now create a stream that goes through your pond where fresh water filled with even more oxygen and nutrients will enter your pond creating a very healthy pond that fish and other critters will thrive in. The pond is equivalent to adding resistance training to your lifestyle as well the walking. 20 minutes of resistance training such as pushups, squats and lunges added into your day will increase your health and quality of life tremendously. You don’t even have to do them all at the same time, you can add them to your daily routine as if it’s normal to squat while you brush your teeth or do pushups at your desk as a program is loading. You will have so much energy that you will be amazed. Which body of water do you want to be? Get ready to Amaze yourself by simply adding movement into your daily life, your energy will increase 10 fold. I challenge each of you to begin a Moving your mASS program today and let me know your energy level now and at the end of 10 days. I have new enrollment happening at the Studio for my Total Body Fitness Camp. Respond to this email and get one full week of free classes!