Hello ASEA Customers,
Did you know that you have been accumulating Loyalty Reward Points from all your previous ASEA orders? These Loyalty Reward Points have cash value and can be exchanged for FREE ASEA products. For example, if you have been on AutoShip with one case of ASEA since last September (when the Loyalty Rewards Program started), you may have accumulated enough points for a FREE CASE of ASEA! If you check in with me (Tina) I will let you know how many points you have and how to redeem them for FREE ASEA products. This summer ASEA is offering a generous ADDITIONAL promotion called: Double Loyalty Rewards. All you have to do is to add ANY RENU Advanced Product (RENU 28, RENU Advanced Serum, etc) to your ASEA AutoShip and you will DOUBLE your Loyalty Points during the Promotional Period.  (June 1 through September 30, 2017) Qualifications: You must have an existing Autoship. What to do:
  • Read the attached pdf for more information about the Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Look at the Thermographic Images document attached
  • Click on the link below to see the RENU Advanced products
  • Call Tina (410-570-5170) for questions, pricing and to adjust your Autoship
  • If you feel comfortable doing this on your own call ASEA Customer Support and add any RENU Advanced Product to your existing autoship. 1 801-973-7499 or login to your own VO.
  • If you need assistance with this let me know.
http://aseaglobal.com/en-us/products/renuadvanced.aspx or you can see the entire product line on our website http://wholebodyfreedom.com Click on Products and select RENU Advanced. Thanks so much for your time and consideration of these special offers! ASEA Loyalty Rewards Program Thermographic Images