Green Goddess Alert

We are all divine and not all of us are green!  

I’m sure you’ve heard of Green Goddess salad dressings and even smoothies. Basically it describes food that has lots of green leaves and herbs in them which are powerhouses of vitamins and minerals for our bodies.

The term Green Goddess has a history behind it.  The story dates back to 1923 when the actor George Arliss stayed at San Francisco’s Palace Hotel while he was performing in a play called The Green Goddess.  The hotel’s chef created the recipe in Arliss’s honor, and a salad star was born. The classic recipe is still on the Palace’s menu! It consists of lots of chopped fresh herbs, garlic, mayo,vinegar, and yes, anchovies.  Anchovies give it a full-bodied flavor that makes it great for salads and other stuff.

Try it as a dip or a sandwich spread or even play around with the herbs by using basil, tarragon, scallions and more.  Make a green goddess you can all all your own.

Stay tuned for tomorrow as I’ll be giving you my personal Green Goddess salad dressing recipe!