The Best Hamstring Curls EVER!

Howdy Folks, If anyone knows me as a trainer, they know that I absolutely adore playing with all sorts of balls; stability balls, bender balls, medicine balls, tennis balls and I can go on.  I truly beleive that we do not need any kind of fancy equipment to get you in the best shape of your life, only your body, a few balls, bands and a few light weights will do. Today we are going to use the stability ball and show you the absolute best way to strengthen your hamstrings is with this magnificent curl in four quick steps:
  1.  Lay on your back with your heels on the ball and your hands by your sides
  2. Lift up the buttox
  3. Curl your heels in towards your bottox
  4. Then, keeping the buttox lifted, go back out then set your toushy down.
Stay tuned for tomorrow as I teach you how to choose the right ball for your body and show you how to open up those hips.