Healthy Eating & Happy Living Summit

Ready to jump start your health routine post-summer and develop some sustainable, healthy habits?

Maybe you’ve let some of your healthy habits go during this pandemic and are ready to get back to your routine.

Either way, this Healthy Eating + Happy Living Summit from Aug 24-30th, is PERFECT for you!

Starting August 24th, one of my colleagues, Brianna Wilkerson (Holistic Health & Life Coach and CEO of Made Well 345, LLC), will be hosting a 7-day Summit designed to empower women to reset their healthy habits post-summer and learn to thrive through this pandemic.

The Summit will consist of amazing women and leaders with Education training sessions and prizes in seven different areas of health and life: nutrition, exercise, stress management & sleep, digestion, toxic load, mindset and habits, and other areas of your health and life.

Want to hear more about this summit? This is what you’re going to walk away:

    • How to eat nutritiously and proportionally for energy, mental health, and weight loss that lasts
    • How to meal prep like a pro
    • How to overcome stress and emotional eating with grace for yourself and simple tips
    • How to fit in fitness into your schedule
    • How to stress less and sleep more soundly for your body type
    • How to use essential oils for your health, home and family’s needs
    • How to understand and embrace the stages of your menstrual cycle and learn about your hormones
    • How to create more time in your busy day to do things that matter in a short amount of time
    • How to live Eco-friendly and use clean beauty products in an easy, cost-effective way
    • How to renew your mind with truth, affirmations, and scriptures

There will be prizes of all kinds, including: 

    • Health and Eating Empowerment Coaching sessions
    • Food, Lifestyle and Clean Beauty Review
    • Personal Training Sessions
    • Fitness, Emotional eating, Energy Boosting, Yoga, Meal Planning Courses
    • Essential Oils for Your Everyday Health Concerns
    • Healthy at Home Resources

……AND including a chance to win My Signature Move Your Mass Routines ($197 Value) from me!

If you are ready to:

    • Learn from 30 experts
    • Address 7 critical areas of health
    • Get FREE access to the most important tips around forming healthy habits post-summer and during this pandemic
    • PLUS free resources and prizes

……..this is for you!

I can’t wait to see you there! 

Tina “Happy & Healthy”  McDermott

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