Hello Friends, As you all know I am a dog LOVER as well as a health lover and all dogs’ health and wellness is important to me.  Also, I have written about a scientific breakthrough product that saved my life called ASEA.  Well, below is a great story from one of my good friends Madison about her baby Bella and how ASEA helped her.  Read on…. “My little Bella had a gaping wound on her shoulder when I got home from vacation. When I went to clean it this fatty white stuff and blood leaked out of it. So I cleaned it up and used a dropper to soak the wound with lots of ASEA. Then I soaked a gauze in ASEA and bandaged her up to let the ASEA help it heal. I repeated this three times per day for the first three days. Within 24 hours it was so much better. See pics. After two days it was almost gone. It was very scary to see our little Bella with this wound, but we are so happy she is better and very grateful for ASEA.”   ASEA is full of redox signalling molecules that each cell in your body produces (less and less with age) in order to signal to the immune system to repair a cell, protect a cell or replace a bad cell. It is vital to everyday life and when we drink it we replenish our dwindling source of redox signalling molecules and rejuvenate our bodies. I started taking ASEA five years ago now and will continue to take it for the rest of my life.   If you would like more information on how you can live the healthiest life ever, email me at tina@tinamcdermott.com.