I have a simple message for you today…


So get out your seats and jump around

Jump around

Jump up, jump up and get down.

Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump.

Those are some of the lyrics to a song from a band named House of Pain.  My kind of name for an exercise routine!

Jumping rope can be loads of fun and it’s difficult work!  

The part that can be frustrating is getting that rope under your feet and you have to jump!  Well, some of us just can’t jump any longer due to injuries (I have a rod in my leg that pains me) such as foot, knee, back that is limiting.

Well, now you can jump rope and not have your feet leave the ground with these ropeless jump ropes.  They look funny and it seems weird to jump rope without the rope but it is the best thing as you can work your arms in all different directions without a rope and your feet never need to leave the floor.  

Just make sure your move your feet with heel taps, or pivots or marching or something.  Take a look at the video and you’ll see three different people doing it differently.

Benefits of Ropeless jump ropes:

  • NO TANGLE:  This jump rope won’t kink and fits all height of people, no more wrapping the rope around your hands for us short peeps.
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL: Light and portable and no space constraints as with a long rope.
  • NO NOISE: You can use this rope at home WITHOUT disturbing YOUR FAMILY.
  • LOW IMPACT: just pivot your feet or march as you move your arms in big reverse circles or overhead.
  • These are the ones that I recommend.

YINGPAI Chinese Jump Rope Without Handle Crossfit Speed Jump Rope With Carry Bag JP02