Lose Weight with These 12 Weight Loss Exercises

The 3 Best Physical Exercise to Lose Weight Fast

1.)   Aerobic Exercises: 30 minutes, three times per week such as walking, biking, hiking or simply playing kick ball with your kids or dogs.

2.)   Strength Training:  Lifting weights builds lean muscle, which in turn burns more calories at rest.  It also shapes your muscles, builds bone density and makes you look great. Remember that low weights 3, 5, 10 pounds maximum and lots of repetitions, 15 to 20 will help you develop long lean beautiful muscles.

3.)   Move your Mass all day long:  Our bodies are meant for movement.  Move your body more by taking a break every hour to run up and down the steps, walk to more places and leave the car at home, park far from the building, do pushups while the water is boiling, you get the point.

The 4 Best Mental exercises to Make Weight Loss Easier

Your mind is a powerful tool on your tipping point of success vs failure.

Change your mind and Change your body

4.)   Make a pinky promise to yourself and then Share it with a friend.

5.)   Reinvent your Body Image:  You want your results to be permanent and so do I and it begins with visualizing in your mind how you want to look.

6.)   Reprogram your Thinking:  Stop negative thoughts in their tracks and immediately replace them with positive thoughts.

7.)   Visualize your healthy Life:  Use your imagination to create a new physical reality.  Visualize your everyday habits as healthy ones.

The 5 Habits for Permanent Weight Loss

Exercise Healthy New Habits

8.)   Choose healthy foods: focus on lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables and good fats such as coconut oil and avocado.

9.)   Burn Baby Burn: Burn off more calories than you eat daily.

10.)Water, water Everywhere:  Drink your body weight (divided in half) in oz of pure, clean water daily to help remove impurities, help you feel fuller and cleaner.

11.)Mini-meals makes for a mini me:  Eat 5 small meals a day and make sure each is balanced with lean protein, a veggie or fruit and a good fat.

12.)Journal your journey:  Don’t bite it until you write it.


13.)Remember to always check with your doctor before starting and exercise or nutrition program and if you feel like you need help call a professional personal trainer and weight loss coach.