For the last 20 years, inspirational chef, speaker, weight loss coach, and founder of the Finally Thin Forever coaching program, Tina McDermott has been teaching wellness and fitness programs with a key focus on how to lose weight naturally without fads or starvation diets. She gives guidance, support and encouragement to those in pursuit of a more peaceful and fulfilled life so they can live healthy, vibrant and free.

Describing  herself as a lazy inspirational chef, Tina McDermott focuses on shortcuts to nutritious  and healthy eating so that individuals can find joy in the kitchen even if they don’t like to cook. Chef Tina’s cooking inspiration is aimed primarily at entrepreneurial and professional women who have emotional relationships with food. Her own life experiences of dealing with weight and health issues, and emotional suffering led McDermott to share her health and fitness experiences with others.

As an inspirational speaker to corporations, Tina McDermott regularly holds successful interactive cooking classes, webinars and workshops to help breakthrough weight issues, stress and lifestyle behaviors.

Her journey began at 37 when her health began to suffer from chronic Lyme disease, which she mistook for early menopause. Five years later, she became symptom-free due to her dedication to eating whole foods as well as fitness lifestyle changes. Another serious wake-up call where  health and happiness were  called into question was when Tina’s sister was diagnosed and then passed away from breast cancer at a young age. This emotional rollercoaster motivated Tina to help others who are suffering due to ill-health.

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 She has spent many years perfecting the art of nutritional cooking from the comfort of her kitchen in Bowie, Maryland which she calls Tina’s Joyful Kitchen – McDermott prepares healthy, delicious and yet easy meals for her clients to follow along with her at home. Her Finally Thin Forever coaching program is for both individuals and small groups. The key to her success is her ability to empower her clients to come to terms with their emotional food issues by encouraging eating whole foods and living healthy alongside wellness and exercise.

 Tina McDermott believes that “True health is more than our outward physical appearance; the benefits and indications of excellent health are much more profound.”

 She continues, “My mission is to teach as many people as possible about natural health and wellness, and how to live a healthier and happier life. I have learned methods that can help release self-sabotaging beliefs, and when individuals come to peace with them, they be free from the emotional chains that bind them and have a chance to live a full, happy and satisfying life.”

 By encouraging her clients to eat well and live more peacefully, Tina McDermott has gained a reputation as a source of healthy living inspiration. Tina, as a weight loss coach, holds regular nutrition and healthy eating workshops. Her numerous programs include weight loss digital courses such as the Finally Thin Forever coaching program, The Joyful Gut Reboot program, Tina’s Joyful Kitchen YouTube Channel, weight loss workbooks, and many recipe books and fitness routines.

 Tina says, “It is such a blessing to see them (my clients) transform and master their mindset as 97.8% of the game of success is the inner game.”

 This mindset approach sets Tina McDermott apart from any competition as her ability to help women overcome their inhibitions that affect their weight and, ultimately, their health is her belief in the peace process.

 As one reviewer of a Tina workshop says, “Tina is a great motivator. She brings together groups of like-minded individuals and provides a supportive place for everyone to reach their personal goals. Her method of incorporating fun challenges along the way makes losing weight and staying healthy a lot easier.” About Tina:

 Whether it’s a live cooking class, a weight loss workshop, or a coaching program, Tina McDermott approaches health and wellness with food and lifestyle in a unique, personable way that appeals to everyone.