Do You Need a Nutrition Coach?

Are you having trouble with…

  • Getting to the weight or size you want?
  • Staying focused on eating the right things?
  • Drinking enough water?
  • Staying fulfilled by eating so you feel full and satisfied?

Then a Nutrition Coach is Right for You!

When you work with Tina, she will help you eat the right way by helping you choose the best, wholesome and nourishing foods. Eating right means that Tina is going to help you out processed foods and focus on drinking more pure water, increasing your vegetable, whole grains, and fruit intake and managing your portion control so you feel full – It’s just that simple and it is delicious too!

Our lifestyle nutrition courses, personalized coaching, or even just registering for a seminar or two can help you get started feeding your body the way that helps it thrive!

Weight Loss & Purification Workshops

Discover Whole Body Freedom in 90-Days

I am deeply dedicated and committed to helping you achieve your best results.  I have helped many people enhance and enrich their lives through my unique and effective personal life programs for self-improvement.  Why am I different… you get results. I have been guiding clients through nutritional weight loss protocols since 2006 with a high level of success.

About This Program

Improve Your Body

Improve Your BodyHave you ever wondered why you can’t lose weight?  Remember that every “body” is different.  You are your own unique individual with unique challenges. There is no one size fits all program.  The approach and program is different for everyone… learn which is best for you. Your personalized dynamic program will teach you a whole new way of feeding and nourishing your body.  Most importantly it will create a lifestyle that is focused and balanced.

Improve Your Self-Image

Improve Your Self-ImageFoster a positive self-image. As you watch the pounds melt away, you will develop a healthy and accurate view of yourself full of love and acceptance.  We will challenge those beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions that are preventing you from becoming the beautiful person you want to become.This means, less depression, less anxiety, less eating binges and a leaner, stronger new you.

Improve Your Energy

Improve Your EnergyWhen was the last time you had a great night’s sleep.  Did you know that you need seven to eight hours of sleep a night which will rejuvenate your body and give you more energy!  When you begin to nourish the body and rid it of unwanted impurities, sleep will come naturally and soundly and you will have boundless energy to do all the things in life you’ve been waiting to do.

Burn Fat More Effectively

Burn Fat More Effectively When your body isn’t busy dealing with the burden of processed foods loaded with bad carbohydrates and toxins then it is busy healing itself.    Your body will learn to burn fat for fuel versus sugars which will allow your body to eliminate all the unwanted fat, especially around your midsection.

Desbio Omni Cleanse System

DesBio’s program is a full-body detoxification, drainage, and physiological regulation program designed to optimize all major organ functions and systems related to cleaning and detoxifying the body, including the brain.  All six components work together to clear and restore optimal functionality to all major body systems to quickly clean the body.  They work with the brain (master control center), the spine (main communication channel), the digestive system (fuel provider and waste eliminator), the urinary system (waste elimination system), the lymphatic system (drainage system), and the interstitial matrix (the body’s way of communication across cell membranes).  The six components support, maintain, and optimize the functions of each of these systems across the entire body.  No other detox program is this comprehensive.

What’s Included?

You’ll Get:

  • Health History Review and Assessment
  • Six to 12 One on One Coaching Sessions
  • Goal setting strategies and review
  • Discussions of Wins and Challenges
  • Education Materials (topics listed below) to add to the workbook, sent via email
  • Personal Nutrition Workbook With a Food Journal
  • Personal E-mail and Text Message Support
  • Easy to Follow Recipes
  • Supplements and Specialized Nutrition Recommended Are Not Included

Weekly Topics:

  • Setting your Weight Loss for Life Goals
  • Learning the Lifestyle
  • The Skinny on Fats
  • The Emotions of Eating
  • Sweet Misery
  • Tour of a local Health Food Store
  • What’s in a Label
  • Cleanse your Body, Cleanse your Life
  • Wheaty Indiscretions, Grains, Health & Your Weight
  • Cholesterol and Your Health
  • Soy vs. Dairy
  • Organics, Genetically Modified Foods, MSG
  • And much more

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