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Are you Ready to Be Healthy, Vibrant and Free FOREVER?



Discover Freedom Because You CAN Lose The Weight!


If you’ve tried it all: fad diets, books, online programs, going to the gym or intense workouts, etc. and you have never reached your weight loss goals and kept the weight off – you’re not alone. Or even if you have lost all the weight and then gained it all back.


If you’re tired of failing, the reality is… maybe it’s not your fault.

 When you work with me one on one for Personalized Nutrition Coaching I’ll be there to support you with whatever you need every step of the way. We’ll work together for six months (longer if you need it) so you reach those goals, successfully…seriously. Together we’ll tackle what’s holding you back in 5 IMPORTANT WAYS.

  • Clarify Your Direction/Vision – Discover specifically where you want to go and what’s holding you back from living healthy, vibrant and free.
  • Strategize Your Actions – Create a crystal clear action plan so you know what you are doing every step of the way.
  • Upgrade Your Skills – Develop the skills and gain the knowledge you need to execute your weight loss plan quickly and easily
  • Optimize Your Environment – Transform your kitchen, your work space, your living space and eating habits so that you aren’t tempted to divert so you can stay on track to reach your goals.
  • Master Your Psychology – Get into your zone of genius and crack the code as to why you keep falling back into the same patterns so you don’t do it again. 97.8% of your success is this inner game.

This program is typically a 6-month program to help you reach those goals and focus on learning to eat to live, not living to eat. I will teach you everything you need to do.

  • No gimmicks.
  • No expensive gym memberships.
  • No treadmills or pricey machines.
  • No buying expensive food.

Simply good food, quality recipes and changing your mindset so that you transform your life to be full of joy, energy and health.



When you work with me for Personalized Nutrition Coaching Program it’s typically a 6-month program. I say ‘typically’ because many people follow the programming to the letter and some need a little more time and attention. Some fine that they lose all the weight and need more coaching in order to keep it off.


Whatever your needs are, we tailor everything to fit YOU.


During the 6-months we work together you’ll get on-going support from me. You’ll get:

  • One-on-One Weekly Coaching Calls to keep you on track, discuss, ask questions, explore your approach, and most importantly, work on your mindset to master your psychology.
    Remember 97.8% of your success is the between your ears and in your heart.
  • Premium Text & Email Support so if you have a question in between sessions you can reach out and we can communicate about an obstacle, success, or a concern/question you have.
  • Tons of education on how and what to eat.
  • A workbook full of information, articles, recipes and more!
  • Did I say recipes? Yes! Lots and lots and lots of recipes.


If you want to find out if this program is the right one for you, schedule a ZERO-Cost, Complimentary Coaching Session and let’s chat .



When you work with me for Personalize Nutrition Coaching you’ll be walked through step by step from how to master your mindset, what to eat, how to transition your life and more.

 The program is broken into 3 phases. Some people get through phase one in two months while others get through it in two weeks. The important thing is that your pace is yours. When you take this journey you’re going to find out that weight loss does not start on our plates or by going to the gym. Instead, it happens between our ears and in our hearts. There are a lot of emotions in the mind that have to be healed to take on this journey, successfully.

 Phase 1 is the purification phase. In this phase you’ll learn how to eliminate sugars, flours and toxins from your body. Furthermore, you’ll learn what emotional triggers you have and how to deal with them so you’ll be able to lose the weight and keep it off!

 As you progress in Phase 1, you’ll start eating more whole foods, transition away from foods you shouldn’t be eating – I help you do this with my signature practice/exercise, “The Kitchen Transition”. You’ll even start losing weight and having more energy, focus and better sleep.

 Phase 2 is where BIG TIME weight loss happens. This is where you’ve started and are well on your way to mastering your mindset; you’ve prepared your mind, body and soul to lose the weight – forever. In this phase you’ll increase your water intake, continue what you learned about eating whole foods created by mother nature, start to integrate more good fats (avocados and olive oil are amazing!!) into your diet.

 This phase will teach you how to look at portion sizes as well as master what foods will work BEST FOR YOU so you can lose the most weight – so you can keep the weight off – forever. Additionally, you’ll begin adding in some simple movements and stretches.


Remember, this program is NOT about going full-throttle at the gym and hoping for results.


This program is about Creating Healthy Eating Habits because 97.8% of  weight loss happens between our ears and in our hearts.


Phase 3 is mastering how to live your best life – HEALTHY, VIBRANT AND FREE! This phase is all about making sure you have mastered it all: mind, body, soul, proper nutrition and movement to live your best life. You’ll continue to apply what you’ve learned and hone your process.

By the time you reach Phase 3, you’ll have a positive outlook on life, you’ll be in charge of your food and you’ll be ready to live in joy, love and peace about your life and body.




I often am asked from people considering this program, “What should I expect? Will I really get the results I want?”

First of all, you need to know that this program is not intense. We will move as fast or slow as you are comfortable. Just because it takes one person 4 weeks to get through phase one and another 9 weeks, it doesn’t mean that either of them are wrong.

It’s your journey and I’m here to guide you through it.

Second, you can expect to start feeling amazing. I really mean that. Every client I’ve worked with shares with me some version of “This is the best I’ve ever felt in my life!” I assure you, if you follow the program, you’ll be HEALTHY, VIBRANT AND FREE – Forever.

Most importantly, you’ll have more energy than you’ll know what to do with. Your confidence will soar, your clothes will fit and you’ll have that sexy self you always knew was there.




Every week you will join me for a one-on-one coaching call to chat about your progress, ask questions, discuss and learn. I’ll will be answering all the questions AND providing some bonus content to keep you on track toward your goals.



You might be wondering if this is the right program for you. This program is for anyone who wants to:

  • Learn how to eat. In fact, 80% of weight loss is a direct result of what you eat.
  • Lose those stubborn extra pounds that you’ve been desperately trying to get rid of.
  • Gain insight and overcome the issues that are plaguing your weight loss goals.

Still not convinced? Take the quiz below and ask yourself the following questions; if you answer YES to all of them, then you are in the right place!


  1. Are you currently or have you been struggling for a long time to lose extra weight?
  2. Are you fed up and ready to make a change?
  3. Are you or do you feel like you’ve tried it all and nothing seems to work?
  4. Are you ready to lose that extra weight and keep it off?
  5. Are you ready to commit to your weight loss once and for all and get finally thin forever?
  6. Are you finally ready to master your psychology and get a grip on emotional eating?

What People Say About Working with Tina

When Tina started working with me, I was 50 lbs. overweight, had poor circulation in my legs and ankles, and was taking medication for diabetes.  The education she provided has helped me to understand the effect of food on the body and brain. Through her coaching, I was encouraged and motivated. She helped me to believe in myself and to set attainable goals.  With her encouragement I began participating in the Healthy for Life Fitness Program. For me, understanding the effect of proper nutrition along with a consistent exercise program have been immeasurable. Currently, I have lost 20 lbs., but more importantly, I no longer have swelling in my ankles and legs, and I have been told by my doctor that If I keep up what I am doing I should be able to stop the medication for diabetes in about 3 months. With Tina’s continued encouragement and support, and my willingness to use the tools she has provided, I  am confident that I will become “Healthy for Life.


I cannot tell you how thankful I am to be provided the opportunity to attend your class. You truly are the type of person that lights up a room. I have learned so much attending the Nutrition 101 class. Each week your lessons are verbally shared with my Yoga and gym family. My yoga and gym family consist of four professional ladies all around the same age, struggling with the same issues. Over the last month or so (yes I started late), I have been able to truly see what goes into my body and have adjusted ME!! I feel happier, healthier and have lost an inch or so around my middle section. I have started lifting weights again through Body pump classes twice weekly. I am spreading the word on YOU and these classes and hopefully some of my County friends will attend. You are truly an asset to US and I truly do appreciate you. I always look forward to our short time together.


I wish I could attend the Summer Series but my supervisor is on vacation , so I won’t see you until the 102 Class. I’m glad to know an improvement was made, I stay away from the scale so I don’t watch my weight. But I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my overall appearance- skin, hair, body… so I take it my changes are working, along with feeling different esp. after I eat! I really want to thank you, you
have helped me realize why I want to stick with improving myself and pull those I love along for the journey.
 Sure, I am more than happy to give a testimonial: Upon starting this series I was very optimistic about retaining information that could help me make lifestyle changes that would improve my physical appearance, but what I gain was far more noteworthy- intellectual and emotional awareness of how I’ve been slowly destroying my body and what I need to do to fix it.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is this program intense?

This program is not physically intense; this program is for people who are ready to make a change. You have to commit. If you aren’t sure it’s right for you, contact me by email at or schedule a ZERO-COST Coaching Session with me and let’s chat about it.


How much does this program cost?

Absolutely! Contact me by email at or schedule a ZERO-COST Coaching Session with me and let’s talk about it.


How long is this program?

When you work with me for personalized nutrition coaching, the program is typically a 6-month program. I say ‘typically’ because many people follow the programming to the letter. However, if you want to take longer, you absolutely can.

If I have a question/concern once I start the program, can I call, text or email you? Absolutely. I have an open door policy about that so feel free to email me directly at with anything you have on your mind about the program, movements, etc.


Have a question that wasn’t covered here?

Email me at and I’ll respond asap!

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