Finally Thin Forever 8-Week Workshop


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Get Ready to be Finally Thin Forever!

Welcome to the Finally Thin Forever online program.  This will be the last “program” you’ll ever need to live the best, healthiest, most vibrant and free life that you deserve.  I know you can do this!  I believe in you!  I love you!


What’s Inside the Finally Thin Forever Workshop?

  • An online community of like-minded people who all are on the same journey of getting into the best health of their life!  You will never feel alone or judged.
  • Self paced essential nutrition and weight loss education lesson complete with videos and worksheets where Tina will guide you one step at a time to get your body to drop the excess weight so you feel amazing and get your life back!
    • Module 1: The Success Simulator – Creating The Road map to Massive Success
    • Module 2: The Temptation Tamer – Meet Your New Transitioned Kitchen
    • Module 3: The Fat Flusher – Lose up to a pound a day! 
    • Module 4:  Health Hacks – Educational Tools to Keep you Healthy for Life
    • Module 5: The Accelerator ToolboxLiving Your Best Life Healthy, Vibrant & Free Forever!
  • You will get crystal clear clarity of your goals and your vision for a healthy, vibrant and free body.  Free from fat, free from toxins and free from the emotions that hold you hostage.
  • You will get a strategy and a plan of exactly what you need to do on a daily basis to get the results you are looking for.
  • You will Master your psychology as I help you resolve your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs so you get out of your own way.  This is 97.8% of success is this inner game.
    • PLUS! Online Support.   Post anytime on the Finally Thin Forever Support group to get support from the community of like-minded people on the same journay, ask questions, comments, or post about your progress so we can celebrate together. Tina will provide bonus content to keep you on track toward your goals. You’ll get access to the Facebook group forever, seriously!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I get access to the information?

      Once you join the community you will directed to a page that gives you information on next steps. You will also get an email in your inbox letting you know how to access the group on Facebook, about the lessons, handouts, important links, etc. If for some reason you do not get this email you can reach out directly to me at and I’ll get the information over to you asap. Sometimes spam filters block these emails so if you don’t see it, check spam and if it’s not there please reach out.

      How long is this program?

      The Finally Thin Forever 6-Week Workshop is typically a 3-month program. I say ‘typically’ because many people follow the weekly programming to the letter. However, if you want to take longer, you absolutely can. There is no deadline for completing the content except working through it.  The recommendation is to stay with the program until you have lost all the weight and then another three to six months.  Why, because the support is critical in keeping the weight off forever.

      How long do I get access to the program content?

      Forever. Seriously. You can stay in the group, get access to the digital product and participate as long as you like.

      If I like this and want to take it to the next level, are there other ways to up my game?

      Of course! I have many programs that offer you different levels of support. If you want to read about all of them and explore a bit more, check them out at

      If I have a question/concern once I start the program, is there someone I can talk to?

      Absolutely. I have an open door policy about that so feel free to email Tina directly at with anything you have on your mind about the program, movements, etc.

      Have a question that wasn’t covered here?

      Email me at and I’ll respond asap!
  • DISCLAIMER. By participating and purchasing this program you agree to the terms, conditions and other disclaimers posted. To download a copy of this document and/or review before purchase, VIEW DISCLAIMER.

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