Resources for Quality Foods


Grass-fed Beef (no antibiotics, hormones, pasture only unless specified)

Allen Colhoun – Anne Arundel County

contact Allen at 443-221-1310 or

(Allen is now selling his beef at the Riva Road farmers market on Saturday mornings when open)

St. Brigids Grass Fed Beef – Kennedyville, MD

Albright Farms – grassfed/grain finished, Monkton, MD

Springfield Farm (Sparks, MD)

Legacy Manor Farm (Boonsboro, MD)

Gunpowder Bison – Monkton, MD (sells at My Butcher and More and Whole Foods, served at Level Restaurant) –

Rosetta Beef (grain finished)

Polyface Farms They deliver to Annapolis every six weeks during Spring and Summer.

AMAZING GRAZING DIRECTORY FOR MARYLAND – Directory identifies all grass-based cattle/poultry farm in Maryland.


Poultry (no antibiotics, hormones, pasture only)

Springfield Farm (Sparks, MD) Chicken, duck, turkeys, goose (holiday only); special order Pheasant and Guinea

Albright Farms – Monkton, MD (chickens and turkeys)

Legacy Manor Farm (Boonsboro, MD – chickens, turkeys – heritage breeds) Carriage House Farms (chickens, Cornish hens and turkeys)

Polyface Farms They deliver to Annapolis every six weeks during Spring and Summer. (These may be the best chickens you ever eat).


Pork (no antibiotics, hormones, pasture only)

Legacy Manor Farm (Boonsboro, MD – raising heritage breeds)

Springfield Farm (Sparks, MD)

Lamb (no antibiotics, hormones, pasture only)

Windy Willow Farm – Debbie Jones Calvert County www.windywillowfarm. (Calvert Co.)

Legacy Manor Farm (Boonsboro, MD)

Springfield Farm (Sparks, MD)

Rabbit (no antibiotics, hormones)

Polyface Farms

Springfield Farm (Sparks, MD)



Nice Farms Creamery (grass-fed dairy)

Trickling Springs (sold at Grauls, Whole Foods, MOM’s, My Butcher and More – more than likely any health food/whole food store)

Local Annapolis Restaurants which source their food locally when possible

Level Restaurant (sources from over 20 Maryland farms)

Leeward’s Market (Eastport – 601 2nd St.)

Breeze Restaurant (Loew’s Hotel)

BB Bistro (West Annapolis)

A Cook’s Café –


Eggs (all eggs are from pastured chickens with no antibiotics/hormones)

Allen Colhoun contact Allen at 443-221-1310 or

Legacy Manor Farm (Boonsboro, MD – chicken, duck, geese, quail eggs)

Springfield Farm (Sparks, MD) chicken, duck and goose (Spring only).

Carriage House Farms



Maryland Cheeses

Chapel’s country Creamery

Talbot Country creamery

Cedar Hill

Cherry Glen

Chesapeake bay cheese


Firefly Farms

Eve’s cheese

Palmyra Farm Cheese, LLC

Spriggs Delight Farm

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA’s)

Maryland’s Table (Craig Sewell – A cook’s Café) (AACo…pick up at Cook’s Café – includes eggs, milk, meat, vegetables, desserts).

Shawn Sizer (AACo.)


Clagett Farm (AACo.)

Homestead Farms (Millington, MD)

Provident Organic Farm – Eastern Shore

Colchester Farm (Kent County)

Maryland Sunrise Farm (Gambrills)

Calvert Farm

Shaw Farm in Columbia

Sandy Hill Farm – Jim Bourne

Lockbriar Farms – Chestertown, MD


Wine/Fermented Beverages

Black Ankle

Solomons Island Winery

General guide to Maryland Wineries:

Carol’s Cultured Brews (non-alcoholic) – Kombucha and Lacto-Fermented Drinks; 410-349-9854.



Two Oceans –-; 410-415-5846; 443-226-2746

The Crab Ladies

Annapolis Seafood Market – purchase local fresh local caught Rockfish and crabmeat.


Choptank Sweets

Circle C Oyster Ranchers Association


Marvesta Shrimp (Eastern shore)



The Chesapeake Bay Coffee Company

The Cosmic

Capital Teas


Honey (AACo)

Joe & Heidi Brotherton (honey, beeswax, candles, lotions, soaps)

(410) 721-1514

Rolling Ridge Farm, Patricia Phillips, Harwood – 410-798-7831

Crispens Farms and Greenhouse, Bobi Crispens, Millersville – 410) 987-6034



Nourishing Cakes – Organic, local and whole food cakes – Elizabeth Grange

Freedom Bakery – gluten free bakery –


Salad Dressings/Dips

Tessemae’s Tessemae makes the best dressing and she lives in Annapolis. Her dressing sells at Whole Foods. Also, be sure to check out her blog and her great recipes using her dressing.

Cava Mezze – great hummus and other dips – sells at Whole Foods.


Miscellaneous – where to find grass-fed meat nationwide – where to find CSA’s nationwide. – Sustainable Table celebrates local sustainable food, educates consumers on food-related issues and works to build community through food. – or national and regional resources

Anne Arundel County Economic Development Corp

Maryland Organic Food and Farming Association. (MOFFA)

MDA – Maryland Department of Ag – Farmers Markets for the State of Maryland

The Chesapeake Foodie – good resource of regional recipes and food happenings events.

Tastings Gourmet wonderful store of fine foods and gourmet items located in Clock Tower Place on Forest/Bayridge Ave. in Annapolis. Also, carries local, raw Maryland cheeses and also hard to find duck fat. Fresh baked bread everyday.

Bear’s Honeypot   A fantastic place to purchase local farmed clean foods and no obligation to have a weekly CSA.


Fast Food Options

Yes, folks, there are actually some healthy fast food options! I can’t say they source their food locally, but they are antibiotic and hormone free.

Chipotle Mexican Grill – 2002 Annapolis Mall Sq., Annapolis, MD 21401, 410-897-1925 (this is by Borders and Books in the Westfield Mall) Chipotle uses pastured animals for their beef, chicken and pork.

Punks Backyard Grill – Westfield Mall – hamburger meat is from Creekstone Farms (grain finished)

For a complete list of Maryland growers, buyers and farmer’s markets, go here:

To read bios of chefs and farmers, go here:


I will continue to add to this list.  Please feel welcome to email me with your own suggestion.


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