Sing Your ABC’s While Washing Your Hands

Say, do you remember singing your ABC’s?

If you don’t have small children It’s likely you haven’t sung your ABC’s in quite a while.  

As a child, I was taught to wash my hands as long as it takes to sing my ABC’s.  With soap and hot water that is.  I stopped singing my ABC’s and I still wash my hands all throughout the day.

With the advent of the Corona virus, which is frightening the entire nation, perhaps we should talk a bit more about basic sanitation.  The funny thing is that hand sanitizer is flying off the shelves, but not soap.

Is washing our hands all that we can do?

According to national health experts, we can do simple things to protect ourselves and the number one thing is…you guessed it…Wash your hands.  Use regular soap and wash them in hot water for 20 seconds, or count your ABC’s and make it super fun.  If you’d like find another song that you can sing such as “Staying Alive”.

Other things you can do is to stay away from infected people, avoid large crowds and remain calm.  You are going to be just fine.

I’ve been working in gyms for years and there are germs everywhere.  I don’t panic, I just make sure that I have a strong immune system and wash my hands.  Come to think of it, even when I was in the throws of Lyme disease, and my immune system was weak, even then I didn’t get the flu because my immune system is strong.

How to boost your immune system?
1. Eat tons of vegetables
2. Drink lots of water (1/2 your body weight in oz)
3. Eat lots of fresh fruit full of vitamin C (oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, kiwi and more)  Click here for a great article with lots of selections.  
4. Exercise moderately (30 minutes 3 to 5x per week)
5. Sleep my beauty, at least, 7 to 8 or even 9 hours per night
6. Practice de-stressing through walking meditations, reading, relaxing to music and meditation.

You’ve got this my friend.

Be sure to let me know which song you chose to use while washing your hands.  I can’t wait to hear!

Humongous Hugs and tons of Love,