I just absolutely love the name of this exercise, you will crush your skull if you don’t do them properly and it forces people to lift the weight so as to NOT crush the noggin!  I know they say that I’m sadistic and it’s true I love inflicting wonderful muscle pain on my subjects without a doubt!  Especially when it makes my clients stronger and feel great about themselves. Triceps are one of those small muscle groups that can be difficult to reach unless you know exactly how.  You also have to ignore the pain because it’s such a small muscle the blood flows there quickly and it could burn but that doesn’t mean bad, it just means it’s working. I also, affectionately, call this muscle the “Bye Bye Muscle” because when you lift your arm to say bye to someone it can wave bye bye back as it jiggles back and forth!  Well, it’s time we got rid of that arm flab and strengthened those bye bye muscles. 🙂 So here is how to do a Tricep Skullcrusher:
  1. Bridge your body on a stability ball as you see in the picture.  Your head and shoulders should be supported on the top of the ball and your glutes do most of the work.
  2. Lift your arms directly up at 90 degrees, keeping your elbows directed at the ceiling, lower you the weights to your temples making another 90 degree angle from your elbow and then lift back up.
  3. Do one set of 15 to 20 reps then change it up.
  4. Set 2 – Turn your palms to face the ceiling and your knuckles towards the forehead, lower the weights to your hairline and then lift.  This will feel awkward and your elbows will try to flare out but don’t let them!
  5. Set 3 – Turn your palms to down to face your forehead and lower your weights again to your hairline and back up again.
I certainly hope that you got a fantastic tricep burn on these skullcrushers and that your skull has remained intact. If you would like to try my total body fitness camp for one week for FREE then be one of the first 10 people to email me at and It’s yours.  This way you can feel for yourself in my studio what a skullcrusher really feels like.  hehehe