Sleep Tight

Hello Friends, Sleep is of the utmost importance to overall health because that is when your body repairs itself and truly heals.  However, sometimes we struggle with it due to:
  •    Joint Pain
  •    Restless Legs
  •    Muscle Aches and Pains
  •    Monkey Mind   (a cute name for when your mind just keeps running away from you)
In Japan, cooking with turmeric and drinking it in a tea are a way of life due to its anti-inflammatory effects.  The people of the island of Okinawa have an average life span of 81.2 years which is one of the world’s longest. Turmeric tea is a delicious beverage and so nice on ice as well, making a night cap of Golden Milk Tea will have you sleeping like a baby.  Why, because of the antioxidant power of the turmeric calms the central nervous system relaxing the muscles and decreases inflammation.  It can relieve symptoms of many of the “itis’s” that you may have. Turmeric’s many health benefits are well documented. In a comprehensive summary of 700 studies published by ethnobotanist James A. Duke, Phd., in the October, 2007 issue of Alternative & Complementary Therapies, Duke found extensive evidence that turmeric can reduce inflammation and support brain and joint health. Other benefits of drinking Golden Milk are from the ginger and black pepper.  Ginger is a very strong and natural anti-inflammatory .  Black pepper enhances the absorption and of the turmeric and therefore enhances its anti-inflammatory effects.  It also has many essential nutrients such as Iron, manganese and vitamin K which helps to calm the digestive system. Benefits of Golden Milk:
  •    Tames inflammation decreasing pain
  •    Lowers blood sugar levels
  •    Anti-viral
  •    Calms down the brain so you can sleep
You are in for a pleasant surprise with this delicious golden milk.  I enjoy it all year round for a peaceful, dream filled beauty sleep every night and I hope you do as well.
P.S.  Tune in tomorrow for the Golden Milk recipe to help you have a restful sleep.