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What Our Corporate Clients Say

“Yesterday’s webinar was so fantastic. Thank you so much for creating such a fun and informative session for us. I hope to schedule one of these again very soon!”
– Nilo A.

I highly recommend Tina’s Restaurant Survival Guide Webinar: it was fun, engaging, and full of useful tips to help everyone make healthier decisions while dinging out. Thanks again!

Tina’s Joyful Kitchen

Cooking Demonstrations that Bring you Joy and Health in the Kitchen

No time to cook?  If you find that you are busier now working from home, you are not alone.  Now that schedules are more chaotic, healthy eating is more important than ever.  Tina will broadcast live from her kitchen with quick and nutritious recipes to energize you throughout the day.  Participants can cook right along with Tina or just relax and watch the magic.

Tina prepares foods based on what Mother Nature taught us to eat: fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, wild caught fish, healthy fats and more.  She teaches you to make foods that are not only healthy, but also delicious – the entire family will enjoy them. 

Choose recipes from the menu options below each class description.  If you prefer, take a look at some of her recipe eBooks and make your selections there.

Class offerings are based on the National Health Month’s calendar as well as many others. Feel free to choose from any of the class offerings any time of the year.  

Living Lectures & Wellness Webinars

Tina’s lectures are very interactive which is why she calls them Living Lectures.  They are designed to help employees make changes with their health and wellness immediately even if they are small changes.  They offer them education and inspiration to pursue healthier, vibrant and free lives so they can be more productive in their home lives and work lives.  They are designed as power point presentations and are one hour in length.  Included are handouts and time for questions and answers.  

These lectures may be organized as a series of once a month or simply one at a time when needed.

If there is a topic you would like addressed, Tina will create a lecture just for your employees.

Finally Thin Forever Workshop

This powerful interactive workshop will help folks breakthrough their weight issues as they will learn; How they can release weight naturally without starving themselves, Crush Cravings without depriving themselves of yummy foods and Keep the weight off forever without yo-yo dieting. They will leave the session renewed, re-energized and inspired to finally release weight naturally and keep it off forever without yo-yo dieting. They will be free of excess fat, excess stress and live a healthy, vibrant, and joyous life.

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