Two Steps to Create Great Habits

Time to enjoy some sunshine; detoxify your body, mind and spirit (and closets). Spring is the time that your body wants to shed the old fat that’s been lingering all winter long, keeping you warm (so you think) and the worst of it is that fat holds onto toxins. Let’s learn how to create Great Habits that will bring you closer to wellness so you can go for long walks in the sunshine as well as wear those shorts with confidence.   Excuses are in the past and it’s time to make take some steps towards wellness. First step – Get a piece of paper and write down what you want to accomplish and then we’ll work on it together.   Once you’ve written your goals, then, write down Why you want to reach those goals.  This will solidify them and make them real.   This way the excused go by the wayside and you have no reason to not reach them!  For example, I had a client who wanted to be in a size 6 by summer because she was going on a week- long vacation to Greece with her family.  She wanted to be able to fit into her summer clothes as well as have the energy to travel and sightsee. Keep your goals simple so that you feel you can accomplish them.   Be realistic with your goals, knowing you can and will achieve them in a measurable period of time will keep your confidence and self efficiency high.   Change one thing at a time such as changing from a sandwich to a salad for lunch this week and next week switch from chips to an apple for a snack. Second Step – Remember we are creatures of habit and exercise may not be a habit yet so let’s learn how to make it a habit.  We need to stimulate your brain to different sensations so you can eventually adjust to a new lifestyle and here’s how to do it:
  • Pack your gym bag packed the night before
  • Put the gym bag in the front seat of the car so you see it
  • Wear your work out clothes to bed the night before
  • Wear your sneakers to work so you can park far away and walk the parking lot three times and then take the stairs to your office.   Change your shoes when you are there.
  • Leave dress shoes at work
  • Take a walk on your lunch break and munch on your lunch at your desk
  • Write your fitness goals on index cards and post them around your house, car and office so you see often
  • Keep fresh fruit on your counter at home and on your desk at work
  • Keep fresh vegetables in your refrigerator washed, cut up and on the middle shelf so you can see and grab them easily for a snack
Practice these things for a few weeks and before you know it, exercise and eating healthy will become a habit.  They will become so natural to you, you won’t even think twice about packing your gym bag, it’ll already be packed.   Before you get hungry, you’ll have an apple or carrot in your hand munching away like the Easter bunny. There are only a few spaces left in my Total Body Fitness Camp and orientations start next week.  Call now to reserve your space to help you Spring into your new Body! Happy Easter….