Poo Like a Queen: The Constipation Files
Good Morning Beautiful People, I sure hope that you have tried some of the smoothie recipes and enjoyed them. Today we are going to have some potty talk.  No that doesn’t mean talking dirty silly, it means talking about stuff that no one likes to talk about, your poo.  However, it is one of the best indicators of your health believe it or not. Do you want to be rid of:
  • Sluggishness
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty going to the bathroom
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Bad gas and bloating
I have compiled a comprehensive list of constipation remedies and the rule of thumb is \\you should use the potty and have a bowel movement a minimum of once a day if not two to three times. They should be easy and the color and size should be ideal; brown in color and solidly formed in the shape of an S or a C.  If it is anything else, then we need to talk. Interesting facts: John Wayne had 40 pounds of impacted feces in his colon when he died?  Yes, this is very true and I’m sure you don’t want to live with impacted feces.    20% of Americans are Constipation taking some kind of laxative which are harmful to your body and not actually solving the problem.    Digestion begins at the grocery store in order for you to digestion your foods properly and you must address what and how you are eating.  Digestion is a north to south process and if one system is not working correctly or if you are eating foods that cause constipation (packaged foods, fast foods, ect) you are going to disrupt the entire system.

The Constipation Remedy:

1)  Drink half of your body weight in pure water every day.  So think of it this way;  How do you flush a toilet without water?  Yes, that means that you have to drink pure water all day long.  No, the water in your coffee or sugar laden tea does not count.    Also, add a pinch of celtic sea salt to every drop of water your drink.  You will be getting specific instructions in the Weight Loss & Purification Six Week Workshop and the best way to hydrate your body. 2) Eat 10 to 12 cups of vegetables daily. The high fiber content in veggies scrubs out the toxic waste that has attached itself inside of your intestines and that’s a really good thing.  It adds bulk to your stool and helps things move along.  50% or more of your daily foods should come from veggies or even fruits.  In the six week workshop you will receive so many bountiful recipes to help you incorporate lots of yummy veggies in your life. 3) Take high quality digestive enzymes and probiotics daily Digestive enzymes help you with digesting your food so it is easier to eliminate.  They also do many other marvelous things in your body.  Probiotics are the good bacteria that also help you digest your foods and makes for a healthy gut ecosystem. If you would like to enjoy 20% discount on some of the highest quality digestive enzymes and probiotics, simply sign up for this Monday’s Weight Loss & Purification mini session and reply to this email and let me know that you would like 20 percent off your products. 4) Drink Mint, Ginger Tea or Dandelion Tea Do you crave something sweet after a meal?  Well, mint and ginger teas will ease that craving as well as help you digest your foods so it is a perfect after meal drink.  Peppermint relaxes the muscles of the digestive track where ginger warms the inside of the body and helps things move along smoothly.  Dandelion tea is a gentle laxative as it helps to detoxify the liver and it’s super yummy. 5) Eat Healthy Fats Your intestines need to be lubricated just like your car.  Healthy fats can do that for you and ease constipation.  Healthy fats are incredibly necessary for many basic body functions from vitamins to hormones and they help keep you satiated and satisfied as well.  Healthy fats include avocados, olive oil, walnuts, flax seeds and more.  The workshop will teach you so much about the good fats and why you need to eat them to be healthy. 6) Exercise Your body is like a body of water. If it was a pond with no running water, it would be filled with scum and bad bacteria.  The moment you add a fountain to that pond (walking 15 minutes daily) then the oxygen helps to clean up the waste in the water.  Add a stream that goes through the pond (30 minutes walking plus light resistance exercises) and it helps to clean it up even more.  The river is the cleanest water (60 minutes of combined exercises daily) and it is the cleanest body. When you move your body, the lymphatic system works hard to clean the toxins from our bodies and empties them through our colons.  Without exercise the lymphatic system doesn’t work and we end up being the pond, full of bad bacteria and feeling awful. Our bodies were meant for movement, and our six week workshop will include a Facebook community where we can all motivate each other to move our mAsses.  How fun is that?!?! 7) Squatty Potty Do you want the best poo of your life?  Of coarse you do!  Then go to www.squattypotty.com and learn how this fabulous bench, that stows under your toilet, can change your poo life!  By elevating your feet, it aligns your colon just right so the poo slips right out.  I highly recommend that everyone have one of these under all of their toilets and it will change your poo life forever.

In Case of Emergency Only

Ok, sometimes you just have an emergency and have to make a poo sooner than later.  Constipation typically happens when we travel so these are some nice products to take with you. 1- Innate Response Vitamin C complete powder – Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin so you can’t take too much.  Whatever your body doesn’t want, it simply flushes out which makes it perfect for helping with constipation.  You can take this daily for a few weeks or months until you become regular.  The best part is that it helps keep the colds away. 2- Integrative Therapeutics Laxatives – these are natural laxatives that give you a bowel movement in six to 12 hours.  You will not feel gut wrenched with this one. 3- Innate response Detox Pills – Our livers become stagnant and has a hard time helping us naturally detox so taking this product will help support the liver for natural detoxification. 4- Innate Response Magnesium 300 – magnesium helps to calm the muscles and will typically result in a bowel movement within six to 12 hours.  Please dose it according to your movements and follow directions. 5 – Smooth Move Tea (only out of desperation) Traditional Medicinals – this tea can be harsh so start with only 1/2 a cup and wait six to 12 hours near a bathroom. If you would like to enjoy 20% discount on some of the highest quality digestive enzymes and probiotics, simply reply to this email and let me know. Love and hugs…Tina Bonus Remedy, Be Sure To Scroll To The Very Bottom

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Bonus Constipation Relief!

Belly massage

If you know that you have to go poo but just can’t and you’ve tried everything else then the belly massage is right for you.  I found this terrific video that will help you learn how to do a very relieving belly massage to help flush your colon.  Sometimes fecal matter just gets stuck and requires a bit of massage to move it along.  Enjoy the video:
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