Tina’s Health Challenge for March: The Pantry Raid

Are you ready for a super-charged March Pantry Raid?!  Let’s get excited, people, as we are on our way to being Healthy, Vibrant and Free!

For the month of March we have a new challenge for everyone who is looking to reinvigorate their health and well-being. This month the topic we will be focused on “The Pantry Raid”.

Every day starting March 11th through the 15th, I’ll be going LIVE on Facebook at 12 noon EST to discuss parts of this challenge.

What’s it all about?  

Here’s a sample: Find out if the foods in your pantry are “empty calories” and if “sugars in your pantry give you a jelly-belly.”

At the end of this challenge winners will be announced for a prize and a grand prize!

Check out my video here to learn more about the March Pantry Raid!   

Follow me on Facebook and look for the hashtags #thepantryraid and #tinashealthchallenges to keep connected with these monthly challenges.   

Want to join the challenge?  

Click here to join the group!


Can’t wait to see all of you there!  Remember – I’m going LIVE here on Monday, March 11th at Noon Eastern.  You don’t want to miss it!

Affirmation of the Day:

My health is the most important thing to me.

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