Want To Lose Fat Without Losing Your Cleavage?

You finally see some results from the diet you’ve been keeping for two weeks now when total disaster strikes. You have lost one size in jeans, but your bra size also decreased. Your body just hates to lose the fat where YOU want it to and goes to where you DON’T want it to – like your breasts.  There goes the cleavage! Since breast tissue is mainly fat and your body likes to make things easy for itself, it goes for easy prey. Forget about the hips, belly or thighs which is where you truly want it to leave, evacuate, go away…you get the picture.

Embrace the weight loss process

Your body has a way of not understanding your personal idea of beauty, cleavage that is, and simply is focused on keeping you alive and functioning. Keep your eye on the prize – slimming down and being healthy –  and it will help if you simply accept the situation. I promise, you will lose weight overall and not just your muffin-top. Eventually your body will get back into proportion and will trim down equally.

At this stage focus on achieving  consistent results and keeping your spirits up. Next, you should start thinking about building muscle and toning your body. Finally, it’s all about developing new habits and  discipline to keep the results you have earned in the long run.

Start lifting weights and pumping for great pecs

To avoid a saggy and unattractive look, you need to start training the right muscles, the pecs. If you think that is something just for guys, think again. Having your pecs in great shape means laying the proper foundation for your cleavage. It will look amazingly perky, even if the total cup size is smaller. Developing your pecs also compensates for some of the fat you naturally lose in the slimming process.

To build your pecs and core strength at the same time you need to mix in different exercises.

Planks and push-ups build overall core strength, as well as putting your pecs in top shape by forcing them to support part of your body weight. If you can’t perform a full push-up right away, you can start on your knees until you build some muscle and then progress. There are countless online videos with these variations, just pick the one which best resonates with your style.

Another excellent exercise for your chest is dumbbell pressing at different angles. Start with a small weight performing more repetitions and work your way up to bigger dumbbells. Stop at a weight where you do around 8-12 repetitions. Less than that means getting bulky.

Protective gear and enhancements

To avoid damaging the connective tissue around your breasts, always wear a supportive and well-fitted bra during work-outs and a good, natural fiber bra during your day.

Last and most importantly, learn to embrace the body you have, after you made sure you’ve done everything you could to achieve the best version of yourself. Enjoy your new body and try to find new clothing styles to complement your new look.  You’ve earned it!




Affirmation of the Day:

I have the power to control my weight through healthy eating and exercise.

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