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Learn The Fun & Easy Way

To Lose Weight Naturally

Without Yo-Yo DIEting

So You Can Live Healthy,

Vibrant and Free! 


This is a LIVE IT Program

(not a DIEt)

We Eat REAL Food • We Have FUN Along The Way • Losing Weight Becomes EASY


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You deserve to feel and look amazing and if you are ready to make that happen, join me for the Finally Thin Forever Membership Program vs fun and easy stuff that is on there now and let’s make some results happen together!


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Attend live mentoring meetings three times a month with expert coaches

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Access to the Finally Thin Forever 8-Week Workshop with weekly lessons and modules

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Receive loving support in our private members-only community

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Learn through Videos, workbooks, recipes books, checklists and so much more.

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Receive my personal support via group meetings, Facebook, and email

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Feel loved and appreciated with all of the Bonuses added each month

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Experience a lighter, brighter and healthier you

The Finally Thin Forever Workshop

Phase #1 – Setting the Stage for Massive Success


Quickly start losing weight by integrating easy
steps to feeling fantastic now.

Phase #2 – The Fantastic Fat Flush

Winning eating plan to flush the fat and start losing up to a pound a day!



Phase #3 – The Accelerator Toolbox 

How to keep the weight off forever and live the rest of your life full of joy, full of energy, and lust for life.  Free from the emotions of eating and the bonds of fad diets.




🏆 Bonus #1 – Emotional Freedom Technique

🏆 Bonus #2 – Smoothie E-Book

🏆 Bonus #3 – Move Your mASS programs

When you enroll by April 30th, 2023 you’ll receive:


Quick Start 1 on 1 Call with Tina ($500 Value)

  • ​Gain clarity on your weight loss goals
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success
  • Leave the session renewed, inspired, and ready to finally lose all the weight and keep it off forever​​


Lifetime access to the Finally Thin Forever workshop ($2000 Value)

  • An online community of like-minded fantastic people who all are on the same journey of getting into the best health of their life!  You will never feel alone or judged.  It takes a village.
  • Self paced essential nutrition and weight loss education lessons complete with videos and worksheets where Tina will guide you one step at a time to get your body to drop the excess weight so you feel amazing and get your life back!
  • You will become crystal clear about your goals and your vision for a healthy, vibrant and free body.  Free from fat, free from toxins and free from the emotions that hold you hostage.
  • You will get a strategy and a plan of exactly what you need to do on a daily basis to get the results you are looking for.
  • PLUS! Online Support.   Post anytime on the Facebook page to get support from Tina, ask questions, comments or post about your progress so we can celebrate together. Tina will be answering all your questions AND providing some bonus content to keep you on track toward your goals. 


The Fun & Easy Weight Loss Tool Kit ($97.00 Value)

  • The three steps to food freedom
  • The complete step-by-step guide to quick and easy meals
  • How to make food shopping easy and fun
  • The top secret to sticking to your food plan
  • The one biggest mistakes that folks make when going to the grocery store


Photo of Alisa

“Working with Tina, I was able to lose 50 pounds in six short months. I adapted a whole new way of looking at food and love eating again without guilt. I love my body and feel so energized!”


Photo of Paula

Thank you for teaching me that food is medicine. When I eat the right foods, drink water and take my supplements, I feel better immediately. I am so proud of myself and losing 63 pounds.


Photo of Anita

I needed support to overcome my bloated gut. With a super stressful career, I was exhausted and had no time to cook. With Tina’s guidance and support I lost 45 pounds and feel amazing!








Tina McDermott

Weight Loss Coach, Inspirational Chef, & Speaker


I spent most of my life struggling with digestive issues – I didn’t understand that the embarrassing gas, bloating, constipation, and yo-yo weight gain/loss all were interconnected. I had these issues since I was a teenager and thought that it was just ‘the way it is’, and that I had to live with it.

Flash forward to my 30’s. I learned that I had Lyme disease, which had gone undetected for years and wreaked havoc on my body. Along with digestive issues, I also suffered from extreme chronic fatigue, depression, vertigo, fevers, weight gain and ultimately Hashimoto’s disease. I thought I was going through menopause at the age of 37! I didn’t understand why all this was happening to me.

The inspiration for my own wellness journey began when my older sister, Anna, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 23. Cancer ultimately took her at the age of 48. Anna’s illness and suffering was a wake-up call for me to learn more about how to take better care of my own health, and help others as well…

It took me five years to finally figure out the way in which to be symptom-free. I now manage my wellness and weight naturally through food, fitness, and the right supplements. Fast forward to 53, and going through menopause, I have learned to embrace the transition and go through it with grace and ease.

My personal mission is to teach women about natural health and wellness, and how to live a healthier and happier life. In my own journey to jouFULLness, I have also discovered powerful methods of releasing self-sabotaging beliefs and teach others how to come to peace with them.

Wishing you a healthy, Vibrant and Free Life!

Tina “Joyful” McDermott


Pay in Full
One Year

Pay Monthly


I Put My Money Where my Mouth Is

My Remarkably Generous NO-RISK 100% 60 day “Action Taker” Money-Back Guarantee:


I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put the Finally Thin Forever Membership program into action and experience the joy you’ll feel when you wake up to a healthy, vibrant, and free life.

So instead of a traditional 30-day guarantee, you have two full months to go through the program, download the templates, use the bonuses, and get started feeling amazing. If by then you’ve done all the work and have nothing to show for it, you are entitled to your money back.

So, you have a full 60 days to go through the entire program…use all of the coaching, Q & A Sessions, templates, tools, scripts, pages, and bonuses…and if in that sixty days you haven’t proven to yourself that this was a great decision, I’ll gladly return your investment in this program.

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Pay in Full
One Year

Pay Monthly
(3 Month Minimum)

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