What are the 3 forbidden foods for breakfast?

When you think about breakfast, probably you imagine cereals, French croissants with coffee, orange juice, and yogurt. However, these clichés are not the best choices if you care about your health and the way your body looks. For the most important meal of the day you should focus on foods high on proteins and low in carbs. You can find those in eggs, meat, or nuts. Stay away as much as possible from simple carbs or items with high sugar content.

Fruits and fruit juices

Even five-star hotels offer orange juice or apple juice for breakfast. The reality is that these drinks, including freshly squeezed, natural are very high in sugar. They will give you instant energy burst, and you will feel a rush, but that will wear out in less than 2 hours. After that, you will feel drowsy and craving for even more sugar in your body. The simple rule here is to think about how many fruits went into producing the juice you are drinking. For example, it takes about three oranges to create one glass of juice. As long as you couldn’t eat that amount of fruit why do you drink it?

Another poor choice for breakfast is a banana. The starchy sweetness of the fruit is delicious, but you should keep this as a refreshment in the afternoon or after a workout.

Croissants, muffins, and pancakes

The smell of fresh pastry is hard to ignore and resist in the morning. As a simple rule of thumb for a healthy breakfast, if it contains flour or it is baked in an oven, you should just say no. Bread, in any form, is one of the most detrimental things you can put in your tummy in the morning. The amount of carbs in these foods is almost the entire quantity allowed for a day, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

The situation is enhanced by the fact that you don’t eat croissants or pancakes on their own. You usually add butter, jam or maple syrup. Therefore, it becomes obvious why you should avoid them. Replace with chia seed pudding.

Breakfast cereal

Don’t let the name of this food trick you that it is the right choice. Most cereals have loads of sugar and are low in fiber which would be the only reason for choosing them. The most dangerous cereals are those which are the most brightly colored. The sugar rush you will feel after eating these will go away in just 2 hours or less leaving depleted of energy and even feeling dizzy. Instead, it would help if you tried a protein shake or oatmeal.

We hope we’ve inspired you to make better choices tomorrow morning and have the lifestyle and body you dream about.

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