Cellular Health

We live and die at the cellular level. Each cell in our body has a life cycle. Typically, this life cycle is 90 to 180 days. Then, the cell dies. But, before it dies it gives birth to two new cells. This is called cellular duplication. As long as the cell is healthy, it will give birth to two new healthy cells. However, if the cell is damaged, it will give birth to two damaged cells. This is very important to understand because this is the basic mechanism going on inside our body every day, twenty-four hours a day, throughout our lifetime. This basic mechanism determines the quality of our lifetime. The human body is composed of at least 100 trillion cells. Every single one of them is born, lives a relatively short life, reproduces itself, then dies. The cells in our body are either living through their life cycles in normal healthy ways and giving birth to normal healthy cells…or they are not. One situation causes us to remain healthy and live a long and healthy life. The other situation is the single biggest root cause of all sickness and dis-ease. It goes like this: if cells are damaged and they don’t know that they are damaged they can’t repair themselves. If they can’t repair themselves they will reproduce damaged cells, which in turn produce more damaged cells. This is not normal. This is one mechanism in which the body starts going down the wrong path.  This is the basic mechanism of an uncomfortable aging process, poor athletic performance, chronic unresolved aches and pains in the body. This the how and the why so many people get sick and tired and can’t get better. Why does this happen? The cell never got the signal that it was injured or damaged and in need of repair. This is not just happening in a single cell. It’s happening to millions and trillions of cells throughout the whole body. Why didn’t the cell get THE SIGNAL that is was damaged? Because the cells were deficient in signaling molecules! Here’s a simple analogy: A group of friends are out hiking in the woods. One of them slips and falls and breaks their leg. There’s not enough time to carry the friend out. They need a helicopter rescue. They need to call 911. They all take out their cell phones to make the emergency call. No one has four bars. No one has the signal strength on their phone to send the message that they need help. Now they are all in deep trouble because they want to help their friend but they can’t. They all want to take immediate action to repair the damage to their friend but they can’t! They are all blocked and prevented from helping. This is what happens to individual cells and groups of cells in our body. The signaling molecules responsible for informing the cell that there is a problem are not getting through. And… The signaling molecules responsible for activating the precise instructions about how to fix and repair the problem are ALSO not getting through! This situation presents a real challenge to our health and well-being. This situation is the single biggest and most important root cause of all human sickness, illness, dysfunction, degeneration and dis-ease. These vital signaling molecules are called Redox Signaling Molecules. When you give Redox Signaling Molecules to a body that contains damaged cells, the damaged cells finally get the message that they are damaged. When they get this message, the same signaling molecules provide clear instructions about how to fix the damage and gets things back to normal cellular functioning. This is HOW the human body heals itself!  Normal cellular functioning throughout the body creates the condition called ~ Being Healthy! This is what we mean when we say that we live and die at the cellular level. To be healthy we must replenish one of the most important molecules in our cells ~ the redox signaling molecule. If you would like more information, please contact me at tina@tinamcdermott.com or 410-570-5170.