What Is Your Weight Loss Motivation Level?


Have you ever wondered why there are so many weight loss programs out there on the marketplace these days? With new programs popping up on the Internet and in health and wellness journals all of the time, the phrase ‘yo-yo dieting’ says it all. If the South Beach Program doesn’t work, there is always the Beverly Hills Program, or the Cabbage Soup Program…or…the list seems endless! If you are one of these programs serial subscribers, then you literally have no end to the options you can pick and choose from.

What you really need to know is, it’s not the program that controls the weight loss, it is the person behind the program. If you have not yet come to understand what the importance of food weighs in on your life, you will continue bouncing from one nutrition plan to the next nutrition pill, to the next gym membership. You need to realize that it isn’t the program that is failing you, but rather it is you failing the program.

So what are some of the key things you can do to stay on track for a healthy lifestyle that involves a long term weight loss plan? Try these options:

1. Don’t follow a nutrition plan, but instead count your calories – You can buy a calorie chart at any bookstore and keep track for yourself how many calories you are consuming daily.
2. Stay away from fatty fast foods Fast food restaurants may be fast and easy, but they serve up high calorie food that isn’t nutritious in the long run.
3. Make water your best friend – Water is an essential part of life. Everyone needs water because it helps to lubricate our joints. There are minerals in water that our body needs and our metabolism needs water in order to help us break down the protein in our body to supply energy. A person needs to drink at least 2 liters of water daily!
4. Stay away from alcohol – Alcohol dehydrates you. If you want some proof, remember your last hangover? After you came away with the sluggish, headachy feeling, were you craving a big glass of water?
5. Don’t skip meals – People mistakenly believe that if they skip meals they will lose weight? Skipping meals will just make your hungrier in the long-run and you will eat MORE food.
6. Stay active – Discipline yourself to be physically active. Don’t overdo it (and check with your doctor first). Create a program that you can work with. Set realistic goals and look around your environment for ways that will increase your physical activity without interrupting your day. Take advantage of any stairs you might have at home or in the office. Don’t take the elevator or escalator, take the stairs!
7. Gather support – Talk to your family members and loved ones. Involve them in your new healthy lifestyle. Plan family outings where there is a good amount of walking. Plan vacations with activities in mind that will involve the entire family. The commitment to lose weight is within yourself.
Strengthen your resolve and keep your goals small and attainable.

Sending You Tons of Love and Humongous Hugs,

Tina “Stay Motivated” McDermott