You Are A Hunter and Gatherer

Each time that you trek out to the grocery store, you are going on a hunting and gathering expedition.  Why do you do it? Perhaps because your survival depends on your skills – just as much as it did for our early ancestors.  Staying healthy is based on you making the right decisions on your expedition.

Every choice that you make when hunting and gathering your food determines your health today as well as you and your family’s future health.  Will your life be long or short, happy or depressed, boundless energy or painful. Which do you prefer? Should you stop by the closest or your favorite fast food restaurant?  Should you eat convenient foods full of preservatives or is it simply best to eat the way we were designed. My basic philosophy of eating is this; eat foods that you can hunt, fish, gather or pluck.  Consider them the four food groups!

Now, buying a steak at the supermarket is a lot less dangerous than hunting a giant mastodon. So consider yourself lucky that it doesn’t take you hours to food shop and prepare the foods for you and your family.

It  is absolutely clear that the food and lifestyle choices you make today determine your health in the future – whether or not you get the flu this year or heart disease, diabetes or cancer 10 to 20 years from now.

So the next time that you are in need of nourishment and go to the grocery store, think of yourself as a skillful hunter-gatherer.  Remember to shop the perimeter of the market which is where the freshest foods typically are and stay away from the center aisles which are full of preservatives and such which make us sick.  Your life depends on your choices just as much as it did for our animal skin wearing and bone tool using ancestors.